1- Emotional Stress, perhaps sometimes you feel:


It's very normal to be stressed especially when it’s emotional stress we all cannot prevent it from happening but we all can end it, feeling overwhelmed and wound up towards our situation is not very helpful sometimes although we cannot prevent this feeling when it comes to facing a hard situation but you can cheer yourself up try to do something useful or give yourself some space to rethink your next steps.

thinking positive is key especially when it comes to overcoming fear , anxiety , self-esteem... if you have a positive mind and determine that your situation will change whether its a family problem or finacial problem you name it, it will change. Just to briefly give an example: For youths today it is really hard to revise for an exam because of the distractions, surrounding us but if we truly dedicate ourselfs and create a scedual to revise at a certain time everyday and commit ourselves there is no need to fear during the exam,if you tried your best why not think positive?


2- How you may feel mentally

  • racing thoughts
  • constant worrying
  • difficulty concentrating 
  • difficulty making decisions


Overcoming mental stress is easier than you can even imagine but most people struggle a lot to overcome it,your behaviour shows the results of the actions that you take.


3- How you may behave


  • drinking or smoking more 


  • snapping at people 


  • avoiding things or people you are having problems with 


Has the situation became even worse?

if yes , the only way for you to overcome your situation is if you face it and not hide it by drinking or smoking because drinking will only satisfy you for 1hr / 5hrs And then ?..

But what you can do is do the opposite of what is making you feel stressed and always stay positive because if your going through that hard situation its because you can handle it.