Isabel Avelino

It all started when I allowed my mind to take over my life. Me accepting listening to the negative thoughts flowing inside of my mind led me to being insecure and having a very low self-esteem and drove me to catfish various people, I was a very closed person so it was very hard for me to open up and speak about the things that I was going through such as , sexual immorality, it was one of the biggest struggles that I faced in my life. The truth is that inside of me I was empty and I needed something to fulfill my heart, it would cost me a lot because it would make me do things that I didn’t even want to do at that point I had two hidden personalities. Recognising that I needed  that help to become strong was very hard, and so I had to face these things by myself because I  thought that few people would understand the things that I was going through.Once I made a decision to always stay positive. I was no longer living in doubts, because I don’t allow my mind to be corrupted. doubts do still appear to come but I switch the channel in my mind and think positive. The simple steps that I took was : 

1- Decision



I First had to make that decision that I was going to change and start believing in myself, but it wasn’t just through my words that things were going to change but it was through the actions that I had to prove Myself and Following the steps to stay positive - That’s What Changed My Situation.



After reading my testimony you may even relate to it, or not but whatever situation you are going through YOU CAN MAKE IT  because if I made it, why can't you also make it? . Read some more tips to maintain Strong & Positive.