Week 1

Fear & Anxiety

Through this page you will learn how to overcome any type of fear & anxiety that you have been struggling all your life.


Fear was one of the main causes that drifted me away from my goals.

Fear always comes along with anxiety, and in order for you to overcome these things you will have to take 3 steps.


 Just to keep it brief and short


1- Analyse What It Is 

When you start analyzing what it is that is bringing you these fears & anxiety you will start to open your eyes and doubt it .


2- Doubt It 

when you doubt it , you will think to yourself if the other person did it , why can’t I do it ? Perhaps the person may be (greater , well trained) but nothing in life happened out of the blue. Sacrifice is always needed.


3- Take Actions

When you start to confront them , by taking actions they will become weaker and lose its strength all over you , you will no longer be under its controll because you decided to go for it.


you should always put in your mind that if this problem is happening to me it’s because I can overcome it. 

From personal experience I was always afraid to talk , perform , and what I had to do was just to go for it when I understood that I couldn’t be a quitter for life I went for it . “ It’s better if you do it in fear than not doing it at all”.