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The Daily Walk Is a opened blog that I decided to Share personal experiences and my personal thinking towards society.

I chose to name my blog the Daily Walk because, the advices and encouragements that I will pass on are not temporary but Daily in order for all of us to become strong,wise and to stay positive in our thinking.

I came up with the title name : The Daily Walk  about a month ago  with the vision to help others daily, with the little experience that I have.

The Daily Walk will present different senarios every week preferably every Monday’s there will be new posts including senarios for you to be entertained.

Having the passion to help others is what has always made me successful. It makes me feel proud of myself treating others the way I want people to treat me, even if some people do not deserve my generosity, but one thing I had to learn is that happiness does not come from what we get, but of what we give.

I creating this blog was a perfect way to approach people who do not have access and connection.

I have not only created this blog just to talk about myself, but so that we can all unite and share our personal ideas and visions. I've seen that a lot of people today do not like blogging and I've always wanted to do something different on the internet, so I decided to create this blog to encourage and motivate people. Through my testimony, you will see the true concept of how the desire to help others began to create.


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  • Many youths #adults, rely on listening to other people’s opinions rather than being who they really are, I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t listen to other people’s opinions but you should know the difference between: Being Yourself , Not Being Yourself. Read More...

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    Every week I will be posting & sharing different tips to help you become strong & wise daily. Read More...

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